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Italy's  best weddings

is more than one person's capabilities and skills.

It's a working group  of professional independent partners, all of them curious, smart people, with an international background and experience of international events, passionate of Italy, of its history, architecture, art, music, natural  beauties, excellent foods and wines, fashion and a lot more, always eager to share their knowledges and discoveries with you while organizing your wedding and capable to suggest you a variety of activities during your stay in Italy.

​I devote a good deal of my time scouting locations capable to offer considerable different ambiance and atmospheres and  selecting talented collaborators and suppliers pursuing both sound professionalism and creativity at the same time. ​

 I believe that being a wedding  and event planner  is deeply related to sensibility, understanding,  creativity and requires great aesthetic contents while choosing a theme, selecting colors, styles, finding the right entertainments, even setting the rhythm of events but for giving you the best it has  also to be based on a sound and solid organization of trustworthy people since  any of my weddings is as much as possible tailored on your likings.

My major desire is making your experience in Italy unique, exciting and more pleasantly memorable than you can expect because Italy is Italy and  you are with Italy's  best weddings !


Sandra Colamedici wedding planner, specialist for Rome and Lazio, is part of our team of professionals selected for Tuscany as well.

Her outstanding capability can be summarized with 'never alike'.

She has a strong creative personality with a defined classy mark and any event she takes care of is unmistakably unique.

She is at ease with the same enthusiasm and care either with the most intimate event or the largest one. 

Her inspiration is of great value to our team. More

Italy's  best weddings
a destination wedding specialist.