Destination Wedding

Especially for those coming from abroad, it is often pleasant and convenient to spend some extra days in Italy before or after the event  visiting Italy or just relaxing and having a good time with the bride and the groom and why not planning the honeymoon in our beautiful Peninsula.

It's for this reason and it's one of my main care that the greatest majority of the locations I have selected offers  pleasant insite accommodations and always good services.

It's not by accident I have chosen as a guideline 'Bien vivre' which eventually became my motto.

'Bien vivre' has a lot to do with luxury but certainly little with show off and honestly very little with wasting money, time or energies.  Nowadays one of greatest luxuries is having the possibility to spend time at a moderate pace, to slowly sip a good cup of tea or a glass of excellent wine before an infinitive panorama and to have time enough to perceive in full the emotions a place,  an excellent dinner or a pizza party under the fairy lights with your dearest relatives and friends or practice some type of activity without bothering about organization, this is something  Italy's  best weddings can do for you.

Should you go for an active time Italy is the right place,  even though the venue you have chosen is a secluded romantic hamlet or the most remote farmhouse there is plenty of opportunities. 

I am prepared to offer a large variety of choices, just have a look to the Guests Services page and in case your expectations would not fill in it, do not hesitate to ask, I am confident I'll be able to accomplish them.