Villa di Maiano Fiesole - Firenze

Villa di Maiano not just simply a location but a special place.

Villa di Maiano is certainly the most beautiful villa in Florence.

When we first visited it we were surprised by its grand sizes.......and

by the beauty of its interior halls.

Overall the terrace, paved in large stones captured our attention to such a point that we found ourselves measuring its length by steps.... more than 75 ones!

It was a villa remodeled in the XIX century over a previous one with the aim to use it as a pleasant place to live and hosting friends and setting up parties.

Everything is majestic in Maiano. Have a look at the chimney in the Ballroom!


 Now we let images speak, should you like to know more about its history just ask us, we shall be pleased to tell you and to surprise that its history has also something to do with Michelangelo and Queen Victoria.

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