More locations ...

Amalfi coast and Apulia are also included  among areas where I can organize weddings often in cooperation with partners on site. 

...and uncommon venues

I make a point not to let any request down. It doesn't matter whether it is a large banquet or a five people wedding  or a proposal, or a romantic dinner whoever comes to me  has to leave with a solution.

Sometimes costs may result excessive and the solution offered is discarded notwithstanding this every time I live such experience as a challenge in finding or setting up what is not on the market or is difficult to find, very often keeping my word pays back and leads me to exciting discoveries I wouldn't expect italy could offer and this is something I feel is very close to serendipity.

This is why I decided to name my site Italy best weddings, because Italy really can offer best destinations  wedding almost of every kind; beautiful different coasts, charming lakes, exclusive altanas, countrysides of unpairable beauty, precious gorgeous palaces with stunning halls, authentic cabins in Dolomites, rooftops with beyond imagination views and lots of other venues you may not even think of.