20th March, 2020

Not an ordinary day. The first day of Spring and the day Antonio had chosen for engaging with Maria.

Before Christmas Eve Antonio got in touch with us and asked us we should suggest some cozy and intimate place in the countryside in Tuscany where inviting Maria with the excuse of a short vacation.

After a very short research the place was found in our very town in Montepulciano just halfway from Rome and Florence where Maria and Antonio work separately.

This is a very fine, charming resort, easy to reach but completely surrounded by fields and vineyards where we could reserve a cottage for the couple just after the seasonal opening.

Antonio in the meantime went to and from Rome for meeting Maria several times and secretly bought her the engagement ring.

By the end of February, everything was set up, decorations, menus, and even a violin player was hired to make the atmosphere gently romantic.

This would have been our first event for 2020 and we were very pleased to do something for Antonio and this young lady so much in love with nature and with Spring, her preferred season and probably the most beautiful one in Tuscany in our opinion.

As we say God command and man obeys, and everyone knows how things went one lately.

Antonio is in lockdown in Florence, Mary in Rome and we at home.

Even though the Spring engagement could not physically take place we suggested Antonio to surprise Mary and with the help of her parents let her have the proposal through the pictures we have made on the first day of Spring.

This is for you, Maria !

I want to celebrate with you the first day of Spring with the colors of the flowers in season.

Please, take a seat, Maria.

There is something for you on the table.

With all my love !

Lots of wishes to Antonio e Maria !