A Val d'Orcia lovely location of Templars memories

It has been a couple of years since I wanted to visit this location and finally in December 2019 I could make it.

I love to go scouting places when there are no people and especially when I am not expected.

I feel more at ease and concentrated and more inspired. Usually, I return a second time to speak with the owners once I am familiar with the place.

This is a place that is still a real farm though not as big as in the past.

Nowadays the old farm buildings have turned into pleasant comfortable rooms and suites.

These buildings crown the large lawn together with the main and most ancient corp dating back to the XII century.

It's a great feeling being here as it is like watching at centuries unfolding.

Here in the large courtyard, there is room enough for a very large banquet and I already imagine beautiful candles designs on the grass and lots of fairy lights with enormous bunches of wildflowers and those amazing medieval tents.

I feel at home here, the farmyard, the bread oven, the mill, the rural buildings, the chapel, a place to eat, and inside halls; it's my place of the heart and if you want to know more you can call me, I will let you know.