Classic Blue Pantone .... Color of the year 2020

by Sandra Colamedici.

I have always been convinced that nothing happens by chance, and at a glance even the choice of the Classic Blue as pantone color of the year 2020 was almost prophetic. In a year marked by fear and infection, the Classic Blue color infuses calm, security and tranquility, those things that, once out of this coronavirus quarantine, we will need very much.

Classic Blue pantone: the Guests

And so let’s go

on with reassuring blue dresses for moms and bridesmaids (even my mom had a blue dress at my sister Rita’s wedding) may be going in different shades until trespassing in the blue klein that gives so much to the blondes and reds ones.

Classic Blue Pantone: the Groom

A touch of elegance for the couple, the great return of the blue, a color for men par excellence, in recent years a little replaced by the fashionable black, but certainly not in the most refined weddings. Blue suits look beautiful for evening dresses when paired with black lapels.

Classic Blue Pantone: the Bride

As per the tradition a beautiful bride has to wear ‘something blue’ and I suggest the blue detail to be added could be a small belt on the wedding dress, beautiful shoes or sandals, ribbons in the hair or adorning a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Classic Blue Pantone: the Stationary

For invitations and participations the Classic Blue can be both a detail as a graphic element, the printing color but also the color of the paper that, if bearing some golden decorations, will look very refined.

Classic Blue Pantone: the Table

For the mise en place there are one hundred and one ways to set up a fine table with the Classic blue: starting with the use of precious tablecloths or with a flower or a delicate ribbon as a towel holder, or with table mats … the choice is wide and of sure effect.

Classic Blue Pantone: the Wedding Cake

Well...there cannot be a wedding without the Wedding question, recalling outstanding Classic Blue Pantone color..... you will be on the Top!

Classic Blue Pantone: the Wedding Planner, in Classic Blue Pantone, of course.

Hello, here I am… perfectly uptodated already wearing a couple of times the theme-color for 2020, I expect nothing more than to expand my photobook and, why not, my wardrobe, to follow you tirelessly in the organization of your wedding. Serious, professional, curious, never tired. Call, write… I'm ready!

Photo credits: Pinterest, Massimiliano Capo, Francesca Angrisano

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