Confetti and bonbonniere.

Confetti are a delicious Italian tradition, a must for any Italian wedding !

Part of tradition since Romans times, perfectioned in 700 they are made of two only ingredients, best almonds and pure white sugar.

5 is the magic number for wedding, white is the mandatory colour, they symbolize health, happiness, wealth, fertility and a long lasting life.

It is a habit that at the end of wedding banquet bride and groom together, the groom holding a large bowl, go round the tables and the bride by a large spoon offers 5 confetti to each invited guest, alternatively she hands a sachet of 5 confetti with a small card with their given names and date of wedding.

Confetti are also part of 'bomboniere' wedding favors in the most traditional way and can be very elegant too, you can choose from silver items with your engraved initials or bone china containers up to the most innovative and less common items, though if you decide your wedding has to be chic the first two ones have to be considered the best choices that they will also become a souvenir for guests.

Nowadays confetti have become essential part of confettata, a new popular habit on the way of becoming traditional and indeed moreover the traditional white confetti the market offers an amazing array of flavours one even feels lost in choosing. It's fashionable to choose confettata colour also on the base of the bridemaids dress colour.

White confetti are only if this is your first marriage, if not yellow will be your colour.

Confetti are also for celebrating other occurencies, graduations, baby birth, pink or pale blue confetti, engagement is green, first marriage year is pink, 25 years is silver and 50 is gold, 60 and God bless you, is white again.

Should you be curious about they are made you can watch this interesting subtitled movie by one of most famous confetti makers in Italy.