It doesn't matter what kind of shoes brides and grooms choose for their wedding, think twice, think you will have to wear them for many hours, most likely in a hot weather, think you have to look smiling and confortable and love dancing with your guests and finally think you woudn't spend your honeymoon bleeding and limping.

Most shoes can be glamorous, sometime too much, unless you are a popstar and you think of selling your wedding shoots you'd better think of an elegant pair of shoes softly built and large enough.

What do I mean by softly built ? It is easy to explain, the shoe toe area, if your shoes are not sandals, no matter the style, hides inside a reinforcing canvas to keep it in shape, the quality of this canvas is extremely important as good ones tends to have a certain moderate flexibility and elasticity, furthermore the extension of this has to be limited strictly to the point. Should you feel your feet cannot move your fingers inside and they are squeezed in a wooden box, leave these shoes, no matter the maker is a famous one, making shoes is an art and has nothing to do with creativity.

The arch of your foot has to be well sustained.

The back of your shoes in the heels area is also another sensitive issue, it has to be large enough and its height if it is a women shoe should not more than cms 6,5 furthermore the first 2/3 cms from the base have to be reinforced but the remaining has to be flexible enough to be easily bent by a moderate pressure of your hand.

As you see it's not so difficult but you can do more, wear your shoes at home for a couple of days, be sure they are not too tight and let them time enough to get in 'your' shape. If they are too tight you can have them enlarged, don't worry about the soles looking worn out, there are plenty of good shoe repair shops who are talented in applying a coating and make them look as brand as new.

Alternatively should you want that pair of shoes you have dreamt all your life and in where your feet feel constricted as a per the Chinese tradition use them for the shootings and provide yourself with another one, a confortable one, for the rest of time.

Be happy and enjoy one of best days in life !