At Maiano!

My first visit of Maiano, heart beating, excitement, expectations this is what I felt while fixing the date.

Villa di Maiano is The great Florentine Villa, it is not simply great, Maiano is Grand.

I crossed a gate and I met my hostess, Alex, a delicious gentle girl, but no sign of the villa, where is the Villa?

Usually villas are at the end of the alleys and opposite the entrance gate, but this is not the case. Alex instead lead me through a passage in between high box hedges and then like drawing a curtain, all of a sudden, there it is: the vast Lawn, the Villa, the endless Terrace where the gaze unfolds in an immensity of spaces.

Wow, superwow!

Once contained my amazement I started to design in my mind banquets arrangements, tables in rows, in rounds, gathered and scattered, fairy lights carpets in the sky, flowers arrangements of any colour and inspiration. This is a place where the word 'limit' has got little to do.

The Villa at my left, before me the Lawn and the Terrace on my right where the view wrap Florence.

I was amazed by the stoned paved Terrace, I went over there measuring it by steps, 68, 69, 70, 71..... and I lost count.

What a strange feeling at my back the Villa, with its beautiful and pleasant halls, the huge windows still maitaining the original courtains design, majestic pieces of furniture, the perfect Loan and beneath the Italian garden, farther down the olive groves and it is like one is put just in a sort of centrality.

It is dense Tuscanity with some gothic due to Sir John Temple Leader, no wonder why Queen Elizabeth visiting Florence choose to spend some time here with her friend.

Yes, this is a location that makes you Queens and Kings like no other one in Tuscany.

This beauty, this grandness make me feel well, valuable and at ease at the same time, nothing here is cheap or ostantacious and anything seems to be thought to share the pleasantness of living while the ground floor since the beginnig was meant to reception and partying.

It is a location where there is room for a shabby chic celebration in the Lemon house or a sumptuous banquet in the Tapestry room with musicians all around the balcony as well as a Chuppah in the middle of the Lawn or even better in the Lemon groves or a super disco on the Terrace.

Confused? Too much?

Don't worry, come with me and I will help you choosing what it is closest to your inner feelings, moreover Maiano cal also be intimate and offer great privacy.

Photo credits Pinterest and Anna Kukawksa