Sandra Colamedici did not think of becoming a wedding planner even in 2012 when she attended her first course about event and wedding planning. At the time she was working in a successful family business, a large one and famous one in Europe. Would it be the economical crisis that went trough the market in those years after 2008, would it be her unconscious inclination to love whatever expresses beauty and style that she found out she would feel much more at ease in the event and weddings.  Since then she developed a real passion for organizing and decorating up to the point to quit the family business and address her natural skills by becoming a professional wedding planner.

She is very well known in her area and at any noticeable event, she is there with her signature.

Italy's  best weddings are always eager to uncover talented people. We have been carefully watching her works during the last two years and noticed she was professionally tremendously growing. The day Sandra published Stefania and Piero wedding photo shooting, rarely we saw so much elegance and class, we told ourselves that this was an occasion Italy's best weddings could not miss.

Since February 2020 she is part of our talented team.

You can be sure that with our Sandra never-alike your event will be outstandingly unique because of her class and elegance but her creativeness with the capability of understanding your wishes and your personality is surprising. 

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